How Our Service Works

Depend On Us:   Real People Making Real Connections


We are a trusted call service for seniors. Our team keeps you connected and supported by focusing on wellness, socialization, and emotional support.

Are you a patient ready to be discharged home and need to discreetly talk about health or personal well-being? Try Jibbr.

Who Makes the Calls?

No annoying automated calls here. All calls are personalized by qualified, trustworthy, and friendly Caremates with healthcare knowledge to keep you engaged, cared for and in-the-know. 

Hear Bob's Story

Watch our video and experience first-hand how our team keeps you connected to the ones you love most.  

Being busy is a part of life, but it doesn't have to stop you from showing care and concern.

Grandparent Scam PSA

Check out Aspire-211's PSA. Each year countless senior citizens fall victim to financial abuse.

Be empowered. Keep private information private. If you need help, we have support for you.


Who We Serve

Jibbr Well-Being for Seniors Happy Family


Caregiver going on vacation? Have distant relatives you'd like to check on? Ensure the seniors in your life have constant rapport with others.


Hectic work schedule? Travel often? Too busy to connect with loved ones? Leave it to Jibbr to assure everything is A-ok.




You value your freedom and independence. We are here if you need someone to talk to. No need to feel lonely or isolated.


Haven't heard from a neighbor? Worried about their well-being? Are you looking to brighten a senior's day? Let us help.

Jibbr Well-Being for Seniors Family Technology


The key to a better life is to include others. Scientific journals prove how socialization changes the biochemistry of your brain in positive ways.

Live Longer

Social interaction is critical for all people, regardless of age. People who are more sociable tend to live longer and experience fewer chronic illnesses.

Live with purpose

Research shows people with regular social ties are significantly less likely to demonstrate cognitive decline. Connecting works wonders.


Getting Started is Simple



Sign up and choose your check-ins: individual, subscription (monthly calls), or a combination of both. You can pay for the day, month, or the entire year. During checkout, you'll have the chance to relay date/time preferences and select a PIN.



Once the calls are complete, you'll receive a status report with call specifics and any need-to-know information. Individual calls: report within an hour or less. Subscription calls: report by week's end or sooner.