After graduating from Chapman University system with a focus in Business Management and Marketing, Bryan Fiorito started his career as a social entrepreneur when he co-founded Exclusive Estate Administration ( (Fiduciary & Estate Management Company) over 6 years ago.  As CFO and Director of Business Development, Bryan has expanded his fiduciary and estate management company, professional contacts, and client base throughout the state of CA.   While his primary role was business development and strategic partnerships, Bryan developed a passion for creating innovative programs that offer solutions to the many of the issues our aging population faces today.    

After a few years in the fiduciary industry, it became apparent that financial elder abuse was becoming increasingly prevalent.  After seeing the devastating effects that financial abuse had on so many individuals, Bryan wanted to create a service based solution to better protect those most vulnerable.  Bryan and his company quickly began raising awareness about the prevalence of financial elder abuse through community outreach, speakers’ panels, radio show appearances, and creating PSA commercials to make people aware of the magnitude of this crime and how to better identify common financial scams.  

In 2016, his advocacy efforts eventually led him to co-founding his current 501c3 non-profit venture, ASPIRE-211 (, an acronym for Assisting Seniors by Providing Information Referrals and Education.  ASPIRE-211 seeks to address financial elder abuse through innovative programs, collaborative partnerships, Public Service Announcement commercials, and making it easier for people to connect with resources through a partnership with 2-1-1 Los Angeles.